The world's a funny place, full of opposites and contradictions - Don't you think? Big ........ vs. ........ Small
Rich ........ vs. ........ Poor
Analogue ........ vs. ........ Digital
Global ........ vs. ........ Local
Craft ........ vs. ........ Mass Manufactured

During the London Design Festival 2014, a group of graduates from the Royal College of Art's Design Products course run an exhibition, events and talks to discuss these contemporary contradictions.

Location. click to view in google maps

The show runs at the

Hoxton Basement Gallery,

12 - 16 Hoxton Street, N1 6NG


15th - 19th September from

10 am - 10 pm each day.


Avantika Agarwal  Eliza Axelson Chidsey  Kirsi Enkovaara  Jess Fugler  Julia Georgallis  Greta Hauer  Alex Hubbell  Marcin Rusak  Laurence Symonds

Federico Trucchia  Renee Verhoeven

Avantika Agarwal Eliza Axelson-Chidsey Kirsi Enkovaara Jess Fugler Julia Georgallis Tom Gottelier Alex Hubbell Marcin Rusak Laurence Symonds Tomomi Sayuda Federico Trucchia
Renee Verhoeven Party & Events



Come and have a sneaky peek at our work on TUESDAY 16TH SEPTEMBER from 6 pm - 9 pm. Free drinks, sweet treats and a huge amount of joy.



Join us for a chat! Throughout the show, we are running events and discussions. These will be casual and free affairs but you may have to book your (free, free, free) spot in advance.


Book your place and view our event details here

15th Monday

6.30 pm -

7.30 pm



"WHAT IS THIS: Parts of Self, Mask of Soul"

- A talk about contradictions within the self by Alex Hubbell and Tomomi Sayuda.


19th Friday

8 pm - 3 am

16th Tuesday

6 pm -10 pm




CLOSING PARTY with the Denture Disco



Throughout the show, we will be running an interactive installation visiting the theme of the 'design casino'.  This installation will come to fruition during our super fun, closing party. With installations, dance, music, DJs, drinks and fun, please join us for the closing of our exhibition! Open until 3 am, what better way is there to end the London Design Festival! Book your ticket here



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